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Our Mission

Youth in Motion is a nonprofit organization which secures tickets to sporting events, concerts, performing arts, and educational activities across the St. Louis Metropolitan area. The foundation aims to instill the value of fun while engaging youth in the local community through leisure activities. Our goal is to impact children who live in underserved communities in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area so they may have convenient access to quality events that support their overall physical and mental development. Youth In Motion’s purpose is to get children/families disconnected from social media, video games, etc. and enjoy worthwhile activities in their community. Our mission is to: build family unity by sharing in leisure activities together, build self-esteem, reduce stress by having fun, promote cultural diversity, eliminate boredom, meet new friends, and create lifelong memories. Youth In Motion was born out of a vision to bring the local community together and provide opportunities for growth to disadvantaged children. Those who qualify must have state health insurances such as United Healthcare Community Plan, Missouri Care, Medicaid, or Home State Health. Youth In Motion is a 100% public charity and is independently audited.

Why We Do This

Justin M. Tomicich has the desire and passion to help impoverished youth by engaging them in exciting activities around the community. Justin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and CEO of Transport Therapy, LLC. He has been serving families in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area since 2001 and has extensive experience working with families as a Family Counselor, youth care worker, coach, soccer official, and educator. Justin also has served in the United States Navy with Strike Fighter Squadron One Three Six aboard the John C. Stennis and Dwight D. Eisenhower as a F/A 18 Jet Engine Mechanic.

Most Youth In Motion participants experience some sort of crisis on a daily/weekly basis—poverty, single-parent household, drug and alcohol abuse, poor diet and nutrition, sleep deprivation, mental and physical health issues, etc. Also, some Youth In Motion participants have been referred to a state agency for some sort of trauma whether it being physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse. After these experiences, most of these children have a challenging time “fitting in” with their peers. Most lack trust, self-confidence, experience low-self-esteem, and have poor social skills. Since attending at least five events, our recent study shows:  76% of participants report doing better in social situations; 70% report doing more activities that are meaningful to them; 83% report having people with whom they can do enjoyable things with; 77% report that they feel like they belong in their community; and lastly, 77% are more excited about life and different activities they participant in.

As we all know, leisure activities are crucial in the development of children. According to Caldwell (2010), “there is empirical evidence that leisure activities can contribute to physical, social, emotional and cognitive health through prevention, coping, and transcendence.”

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